Collaborative Event 给s Students Hands-On Experience as it Engages the Community

在维滕贝格的合作中, 克拉克状态, 和斯普林菲尔德社区, 热门舞蹈比赛-舞蹈, 跺脚, Shake -周日回归, 2月. 27. 今年, 两个维滕贝格的学生, 2023届和特里斯坦·迪奇, 2024级, 在委员会工作吗.

舞蹈,跺脚,颤抖 first began in 2019 when members of Wittenberg's Concerned Black Students (CBS) approached Julius Bailey, 哲学教授, 关于举办一场舞蹈表演. Students from CBS enthusiastically worked with Bailey, who is also director of 非洲 & 移民研究 和 正义、法律 & 公共政策 在威滕伯格, to resurrect a new version of a dance program he had put on during his time in Illinois nearly two decades ago. 第一个节目, 2020年开始, was met with success and enthusiasm from the Springfield community and youth dancers in the Midwest.

该项目在2021年因COVID-19而中断, 但与此同时, it began to grow beyond its origins as a CBS project into a more community-driven event. Wittenberg students, however, remain vital to its planning, marketing, and execution.

Dietsch, 谁打算主修商科, 接手了丹斯的工作, 跺脚, Shake as an independent study exploring “how hip-hop culture has shaped the U.S. 和文化规范.“在过去的几个月里, 迪奇一直在贝利身边帮忙布置, 与委员会合作, 尽他所能学习.

The program purposely coincides with Black 历史 Month, honoring its start as a joint venture between CBS and Bailey. 它主要关注嘻哈音乐, a style of dance that traces its origins back to New York City's black community in the 1960s and ’70s. As indicated by Dietsch: “There is much to be learned by connecting this history with America's cultural development and witnessing first-hand its role in culture today.”

A hip-hop dance workshop will take place on Saturday, 2月. 26. 由高架, 2021年世界舞蹈冠军, the workshop will be held at the Global Impact STEM Academy from 1:30 to 5:30 p.m. 约100名地区青年. 升高, 从克利夫兰, 俄亥俄州, was founded in 2015 by Howard Washington and has grown into an internationally acclaimed group.

还有高架的表演, the dance showcase on Sunday will feature a dozen talented teams from across the Midwest competing for over $4,000年奖. There will be six majorette teams and seven hip-hop teams vying for the prize money, 包括斯普林菲尔德的一支队伍, 黑色的钻石. 另外, there will be showcase performances from members of Springfield High School’s 跳舞 Team, and the event will be co-hosted by Springfield High’s homecoming queen and king, 迪莲·布拉德利和杰伊·莫斯.

Several generous sponsors have teamed up this year to present the show including in alphabetical order including 克拉克状态 University, 大斯普林菲尔德伙伴关系, 关键的广告, 公园的国家银行, 斯普林菲尔德市学校, 斯普林菲尔德基金会, White-Allen雪佛兰, the Wright and Schulte Law Firm and various programs and departments 在威滕伯格 University.

作为委员会的一员, Amya Brown has worked on many of the logistical aspects of bringing in so many teams to the city. Majoring in communication and digital media and minoring in entrepreneurship, Brown explains that planning the event has allowed her to gain practical experience in her chosen fields of study. She has worked on tasks such as “building relationships with donors, 寻找所有相关人员的酒店, 找到餐厅, and other businesses we need to make our guests comfortable."

正如做这个项目的学生指出的那样, Wittenberg is a key piece of the Springfield community, and student involvement in the community has benefits for everyone. 特别是在过去一年的新冠肺炎疫情期间, students and members of the Springfield community have faced many challenges. 今年的舞蹈表演, 跺脚, Shake provides an opportunity for everyone to come together, 玩得开心, and see some talented dancers (with extra precautions for COVID, 当然).

Bailey also emphasizes the importance of Wittenberg and its students engaging with the community through 舞蹈,跺脚,颤抖: "The event is a community-focused event and seeks to do an intentional job of merging Witt with Springfield in its structure. For us at Witt to be true to our care for others and fully engage ourselves within the city that we are in, we must partner with community partners and residents.”

Both Brown and Dietsch highly encourage everyone to attend the show. 正如布朗所说:“请出来欣赏这场表演吧。. It's great for the community to come out and enjoy the excitement with one another because it shows that we are all in this together even with COVID still going on."

今年, 舞蹈,跺脚,颤抖 will take place at the 克拉克状态 Performance 艺术 Center on Sunday, 2月. 27. 学生可以给贝利发邮件 jbailey@theoddcoupleblog.com for free tickets while supplies last or purchase tickets on Ticketmaster.

 For more information, check out @dancestompshake on Instagram and 脸谱网 or call 217-454-0622.

——伊莎贝拉米. Fiorito”23日



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